A series of manufacturing companies is already short listed to cover specific advanced technologies considered as essential for the fusion reactor development:

  • high power, high frequency transmission lines and sources;
  • neutral beam power supplies and high voltage components;
  • first Wall files and coatings, and plasma facing components mock-ups;
  • vacuum vessel, shield and tritium breeding blanket segments mock-ups;
  • superconducting magnets: strands, conductors and model coil windings;
  • electrical power supplies;
  • qualification of standards and tools;
  • remote handling: transporters and end-effectors;
  • vacuum cryopumps and mechanical pumps;
  • tritium handling and detritiation systems, tritium, compatible valves;
  • low activation structural materials;
  • tritium breeding materials.

The start of the ITER construction will broaden this scope with a series of procurement packages covering the superconducting magnets, the vacuum vessel, the first wall and blanket modules, the divertor, the general machine assembly, the remote handling equipment, the cryogenic and cooling water systems, the thermal shields, the vacuum systems, the tritium management plant, power supplies, additional heating/current drive, diagnostic instrumentation, buildings/layout, hot cells and waste processing, radiological/environmental monitoring, engineering services, general instrumentation and data acquisition.