The ITER project

The ITER project is an international Research and Development Project whose goal is to demonstrate the scientific and technical feasibility of nuclear fusion as a future source of commercially useable energy on earth.

The partners in the project - the ITER Parties - are the European Union (represented by EURATOM), Japan, China, India, South Korea, the Russian Federation and the US.

Cross-section of the ITER reactor

The international ITER reactor is the successor to the purely European JET fusion reactor. What's more, the ITER reactor is the latest reactor in a long series of experimental fusion research machines before the move is made to an industrial demonstration model ("DEMO").

The ITER reactor will be built in Europe, namely in Cadarache in the South of France.

Preparations for the construction of the ITER reactor began in January 2007. If everything goes according to plan, the reactor should produce its first plasma by 2016.