Tasks of the unit

The Belgian ITER coordination unit has the following tasks among others:

  1. To encourage Belgian industry to participate in the ITER project. Companies for example can deliver equipment and services for construction of the installations and the infrastructure.
  2. Contacting Belgian companies and checking whether they are interested in participating in specific tasks.
  3. Involving companies in the formation of ITER task clusters, possibly together with companies from other countries.
  4. To assist companies in making themselves known among the fusion community, especially with ITER, F4E and the ILO network.
  5. To proactively gather information from the ITER organisations and the ILO network concerning timing, offers, purchasing procedures, sets of task and support.
  6. Process and distribute information via an informative website and campaigns targeted at industry. The latterĀ is related to the follow-up of specific task clusters or joint ventures.
  7. Inform companies concerning possible conditions for pre-qualification.
  8. Provide support for knowledge and technology transfers between the Belgian Association and the participating companies.
  9. Fostering interest among industry and governments for research and development activities related to nuclear fusion.